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This picture was taken at the Angel Oak in South Carolina on our 20th Wedding Anneverary, May 17, 2017.

Our name is the Johnston's, and we were brought together in 1997, and have been married since. There is Jeffrey, the husband and Computer Geek, Becky, the Wife and Medical and History Geek, Christoper, the quiet Gentle, Vegitarian, and Heather, the Baby of the family who loves all things animals In 1994, Jeffrey and Becky met on IRC, the Grandpa of Facebook. People often mistake IRC as a dating service, but it was designed to provide online communications to colleges, the government, and the masses at a whole. Information such as how to play games, fix computers, camp, and support groups of other natures.

When I met Becky, who goes by her middle name of Rebecca, and not her first name of Charlotte, "I was in awe of the awesome beautiful woman I had met." We had met to go camping for two weeks while she transitioned positions in her job, but Jeff almost instantly proposed after the trip


Jeffrey and Christopher were originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, which was MUCH to cold for Becky, so they ended up moving down to Winston Salem, North Carolina in 1996. In 2004. the family moved to a small town 25 miles south of Charlotte, North Carolina, called Waxhaw.


We've had plenty happen since we've moved in together in 1996. School and mental health issues, the purchase of our first fixer-upper home, nights on the porch, camping trips to all sorts of local, winds beating us on the head while we try to sleep, a new home, the addition of new life, the loss of two fathers, graduation of our oldest from high school, medical and financial issues. But one thing we have never had was the desire to give up on each other as a family. In fact, through all the good times and hardships, we have only grown stronger as a family.

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